We’d love to invite YOU to The Dwell Well Collective, our growing wellness tribe!

When you order your Young Living Premium Starter kit through any of our tribe members, you become a part of The Dwell Well Collective! We have a blast learning together and getting to know each other. Plus, we won’t let you end up with a dusty box of random oils lost in the dark corner of your closet. Friends don’t let friends feel lost, confused or unsure what to do next! That’s what The Dwell Collective is all about, we’re here to help.

If you already have a kit you stopped using or never knew how to use, feel free to message us! We can help.

Our community is passionate about wellness and creating a naturally clean healthy home. We know you’ll fall in LOVE with your oils just like we did. You’ll never again want to go a day without them!

Once you sign up for your kit (go here to learn more), YOU ARE OUR NEW BEST FRIEND and become a part of The Dwell Well Collective! We’ll send you a welcome email, send you periodic happy snail mail, and invite you into our free (optional) exclusive educational Facebook group. We share resources, helpful videos, educational videos from medical and naturopathic doctors, and a vibrant community of others who are also on a wellness journey.

We’d love to have you be a part of The Dwell Well Collective!

Please know that most people who become wholesale members of Young Living do so to simply purchase products for their families, there’s NO obligation to sell or do a business. To be a part of The Dwell Well Collective, you do need to buy an essential oils starter kit with our team but you’ll want that anyway! It is your only obligation!

The Dwell Well Collective is focused on inspiring everyone to wellness.

But we know some of you may be even a little curious about the incredible opportunity to pursue Young Living as a business, whether it might be on the side of something else you do or an avenue to build your own dreams. We are happy to help and answer questions any time.

We personally feel this is one of our favorite business opportunities ever, so if you are looking for something that could change your life, this could be IT! We love the opportunity to be creative, to pursue personal growth, and the thriving positive community.

There are so many benefits to joining our tribe of business builders! We’d be happy to answer questions you might have, but there is never an obligation or pressure. We can even invite you into a “just curious” Facebook group so you can investigate the potential or ask questions.

If you would like to explore creative ways you could incorporate Young Living into your goals, we’re here to help. Each of our builders are unique and we want everyone to thrive with their own gifting and personality.

We offer personal mentorship, custom resources, business boot camps, training and leadership growth opportunities. You have the potential to earn unlimited income while you chase all of your dreams. We love our tribe and we are committed to their success! We’d love to have YOU join us in this adventure.

Find out more about joining our business tribe and mentorship opportunities here!

Email us at pureandlovelyliving {at} gmail {dot} com if we can help in any way.