As you experience the benefits of essential oils, you’ll likely find you can’t help but want to share your experience with friends or family. There is never any obligation to be involved in Young Living as a business. But if you are curious about the business opportunity, you’ll find that Young Living is not set up like other companies such as kitchen product sales, makeup sales, clothing sales, food sales, etc. In fact, something important to note is that Young Living is NOT direct sales.

What is SO different about Young Living?

You don’t sell oils
You keep NO inventory
You are not in charge of anyone’s account
The “buy in” is SUPER low cost, no commitment, AND open to all. All you need is your starter kit!
You don’t have to have parties, you can share in whatever way suits your style
You don’t ever have to deliver product or order FOR someone
You don’t handle shipping, shipments, shipping dates, customer service basic concerns, sales
Where else can you earn unlimited income with an initial $160 investment?

The role of a Young Living “distributor” is to:

  1. Help people set up their very own account so that they can order these amazing products.
  2. Educate, train, and care for your members. You don’t have to be an expert! There are existing educational groups and resources you can offer your sign ups so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What are the benefits of joining The Dwell Well Collective?

When you join Young Living with any of our members, you are invited to our own private group called The Dwell Well Collective. We offer our members oil education, support and business mentorship for anyone who is interested! We have an AMAZING free training program called The Diamond Academy for our members.

You don’t have to go it alone, we’re here for you every step of the way. We love to help our tribe reach their dreams!

We offer our Dwell Well Collective members free use of our beautiful creative resources, custom images, social media support, personal mentorship and strategies to create your own unique and thriving business, business boot camps and training, team growth opportunities and more.

If you plan to incorporate your Young Living business into your own brand or want to add your own creative flair to your materials, we’re here to mentor you and offer whatever support we can.

What do you need to do to get started?

Just grab your Premium Starter kit! If you are not already an active member of Young Living, you’re invited to be a part of The Dwell Well Collective! Just click here to join our team as a wholesale member, or call Young Living if you need assistance with an inactive account.

There is no obligation to do the business, feel free to just enjoy the oils! But there are NO additional sign up fees if you do decide you’d like to share. A starter kit with our team is all you need! From the moment you sign up, you already have a referral link you can easily send to friends so you could technically get your entire kit “paid for” before it even arrives! You can receive a $50 thank you check from Young Living every time you share.

Once you sign up, here’s how to get your referral link so you can share with friends: on, Head to Virtual Office > click on Member Services (left sidebar) > Still in Left Sidebar, click on Link Builder > Enter your member # into both the Sponsor AND the Enroller spot: Your link appears at the bottom of the page. Copy. Paste. Save!
Test the link in a browser. The page should populate with YOUR member # in it in the enroller/sponsor fields now. Verify it is your number and then bookmark it!

This will be like no other journey you have ever been on! Our community is amazing, the benefits are life-changing and the income potential is unlimited. Check out the income disclosure here.

Every day we see Young Living business builders getting out of debt, sending their kids to summer camps, going on vacation, remodeling their home, quitting their full-time jobs, retiring their husbands, all thanks to a love of essential oils. I’d love to have you join us on this adventure.

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