FAQ on wholesale orders:

Q. Why do¬†I have to “sign up” to get these amazing oils? What am I getting into here?

When you sign up for a Young Living account, you’re not actually “signing up” for anything. ūüôā Don’t worry! You are simply creating an account so you can¬†purchase your essential oils¬†(at wholesale prices!),¬†just as you would any other online site.

You aren’t signing up to sell anything and there are no fees, no automatic shipments,¬†and no gimmicks.

You’ll place any future orders directly via the Young Living website, just like you would any other online shop¬†(I won’t be knocking on your door). But unlike other online shopping experiences, you are offered¬†a personal touch. Along¬†with your¬†Young Living wholesale membership, our warm and friendly Pure & Lovely tribe¬†is available to help you learn and get started¬†with essential oils. We’re here to answer your questions.¬†We send happy mail and invite you to our optional free private Facebook groups! Scroll below for how instructions to¬†get started!

Q. Why do you recommend the starter kit, can I just order one oil to try it first?

I recommend the Premium Starter kit because I truly don’t think one oil or one sample is¬†enough¬†to change your home.¬†The starter kit is going to rock your world!¬†Why? Besides the fact that each oil¬†is incredible for supporting health and wellness in different ways,¬†once you have the set of oils in your home, you’ll start to realize their benefits for everything else under the sun.

You can easily use essential oils for so many things you need every day (better sleep, purifying everything, relaxing, relieving occasional discomfort, supporting healthy digestion, promoting a calm environment, immune boosting, wellness support, bug sprays, room sprays, household cleaners, washing and drying clothing, truly clean dishes, removing stickers from products, family ouch creams, candles, perfumes… you name it!).

With a Young Living starter kit in your home, you’ll be able¬†to easily incorporate¬†essential oils into your daily routines, instead of the harmful and toxic junk we’ve all been used to using. You’ll begin to FEEL the difference.¬†We’re¬†here to help every step of the way.

Young Living also offers a line of cleaning and personal products that make it super convenient and affordable to replace the chemical-laden products you have in your home.

Best of all, these plant based oils and products support our health, not harm it like harsh chemicals do.

Q. Which diffuser should I get?

Each starter kit comes with the same set of oils, but each has a different diffuser option.¬†I have all three, you can’t go wrong with any of them (the Dewdrop is a great basic model, the Rainstone is the one I love to use in¬†my bedroom and it has a remote control, the Aria is absolutely gorgeous, plays music, has a remote and¬†I keep¬†it in my living room since it’s so pretty!).

Q. Should I add on the Essential Rewards option?

I love Essential Rewards and highly recommend it. It’s totally fine to¬†sign up later if you prefer, but you¬†can¬†be¬†eligible¬†for FREE oils right away if you add Essential Rewards¬†at the same time as¬†your starter kit. Any¬†free Essential Rewards oils will appear in your cart automatically. If you decide¬†to add additional items¬†to your order¬†with Essential Rewards, here are just a few¬†of my favorite products to try in addition to the Premium starter kit. the Thieves cleaner, Cedarwood for SLEEP, Peace & Calming essential oil, Oregano essential oil (for wellness!), Lavender lotion, grapefruit lip balm.

Remember, there are NO fees or obligations to buy more products or to sell oils as a wholesale member!