Step by Step Ordering Instructions:

1. Grab your Premium Starter Kit HERE. The best way to get started is with this amazing wellness kit called the Premium Starter Kit, which comes with 11 of the best and most versatile oils and your choice of a high quality diffuser.

Make sure the number 13575653 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields when you order so you’ll be a part of our community. You’ll be invited to join our educational Facebook groups and more, which I promise, is such an incredible gift of support and guidance!

2. Select member (not retail). A “member” is just like signing up to order from Amazon. It’s simply a way to get the best prices and benefits (hello 24% off retail on EVERYTHING!) There are no strings attached, never any membership fees, no required auto shipments, no further obligation, and no selling!

3.  Choose your diffuser (the oils are the same in each kit). All of Young Living’s diffusers are high quality, so you can’t go wrong. The Dewdrop is the most popular and affordable and a great one to start with. If you love organic modernism, then the Aria is your best bet…she’s all jacked up with a remote and music player. And if you’re like me and want something that doesn’t scream diffuser, the slick black Rainstone is for sure the one for you.

4. You’ll be given the option to enroll in Essential Rewards. It’s a free, optional and customizable monthly auto-ship program that gives you points back on your orders, free oils and more. It’s like a wellness box, but you choose the products each month (you can even include household necessities, cleaning products and cosmetics so you can begin to ditch all the toxic stuff!). You can join ER now, or down the road if you’d prefer, and you can cancel anytime. To note, if you fall in love with your oils as I KNOW you will, you’re probably going to be like me and want to share the sweet joy with all your friends. If you wish to do the business of YL, you must be on ER…but again, this is something you can decide on and add at anytime!

5. Complete the signup information. You can elect to sign up with no social security number, but it’s totally secure to add it in. This simply allows you to receive bonuses in case you have friends who sign up with your member number. NO selling or business required.

6. Save your login and PIN information in a safe place for future orders or accessing account info.

And with those 6 easy steps my friends, you are all set!!!