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You can’t just grab any bottle labeled “essential oils” off the shelf and expect the same results as you will get with Young Living oils.

Many bottles labeled “essential oils” are compromised.

Most essential oil bottles contain fillers to lower their cost or have added perfumes to “enhance” their scent. Yikes!

If you truly want to receive the greatest benefit from essential oils, they must be of the highest quality!

Young Living’s Seed to Seal commitment is the best of the best.

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Products that are compromised or designed as perfumes are not going to support wellness and they may even be harmful. Even if you are just using a product topically, the skin is the body’s largest organ and our skin absorbs what we put on it, so I’d say it’s pretty important to know exactly what we are putting on it.

Guys, that’s why it’s SO important to know where your oils came from. With an increasing awareness of the benefits of essential oils, there are obviously going to be growing numbers of companies and copycats trying to profit through mass-marketing and clever packaging. It makes us sad to think of how many people are intentionally and unintentionally misled.

+Young Living has led the way in the essential oil industry for nearly 25 years, bottling up the best oils on the planet! No other brand of essential oils comes even close to the quality you’ll find with Young Living. That’s not just hype! We have been truly impressed with their integrity and commitment to quality every step of the way.

+Young Living grows their own plants on pesticide-free 50 year organic farms and partners with responsible farmers around the world to produce the most pure therapeutic grade essential oils you can buy.

+They oversee the entire process, from seed until the bottle is sealed so they can say with 100% certainty what goes into their bottles and that it is safe and pure. Read their Seed to Seal commitment.

+Each batch of essential oils is RIGOROUSLY tested, in-house and through third party testing.

+They are an open book. They invite you to personally visit their farms to learn first hand about their process and commitment to quality.

+They only use the first distillation of plant material. Would you want to go to a coffee shop that saved all of their old coffee grounds and mixed them together to brew a new pot for you? No way, yuck! You’d want a freshly brewed cup. That’s what Young Living offers you with their first distillation process, it produces the best essential oils.

+They have the largest selection of oils and blends available, as well as other incredible products for your home and body.

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