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Learning the actual science behind essential oils makes them all the more interesting. Yet, we don’t even have to be a scientist to begin to understand what they do and how they can change our life.

Most of us have already unknowingly experienced the transformational power of essential oils as they are found in our natural environment.

We all have heard the saying “make sure to stop and smell the roses.” Taking in the scent of a rose actually improves our mood.

And who doesn’t feel better and breathe more deeply when the rains have refreshed the air and cleansed the environment?

Picture how you feel taking a long walk through a majestic forest. The scent is incredible, right? 

Essential oils are actually extracted from trees, shrubs, flowers and stems and seeds. They are sometimes called the “life force” of the plant. They are highly concentrated and volatile liquids (meaning they easily evaporate into the air).

Essential oils are incredible protectors, defenders and promoters of health. Wellness is their job, and they do it well. 

We need to give our body the support it needs to do what it is supposed to do! Our bodies respond and react positively and negatively to many things, including our environment. We all know that stress can cause havoc on our body. When you’re nervous or stressed out, you can actually feel the result in your gut.

So what can these amazing drops of “plant juice” do for us?  Oh, SO many wonderful things.

Essential oils can actually support all of our body’s systems, including emotions and hormones, so it can begin to function at its best. Some essential oils can even cross the blood brain barrier, which is incredible for supporting ALL body systems – skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, lymphatic, urinary, and reproductive body systems.

They oxygenate the cell, support the body’s natural detoxification processes, act as antioxidants, make cells more permeable, and defend against unwanted guests in our bodies.

While many Young Living oils can offer nearly immediate results for many daily needs, incorporating essential oils into your daily routines will support your overall health in the long run, too. Give them time to work their magic. You wouldn’t eat just one bite of a red pepper and then wonder why it didn’t improve your overall health today.

The more we are exposed to these healing oils, the better! Each oil, just like every living thing, carries a scientifically measurable frequency. Essential oils have the capacity to raise your body frequency. The more you are applying oils on yourself and family, the higher your body frequency and the potential for better overall health increases. Use them often for best results!

So how can we know essential oils aren’t just the latest health craze?

Essential oils are not a new thing. Historically, they are the oldest known form of medicine, dating back to 4500 BC. Millions of people have used them for thousands of years. It’s definitely not just a fad. People are just getting fed up with not feeling well. Many people don’t even know what feeling well actually feels like! We are simply wanting to clear out the toxins and return to what is natural and pure. We just want to give our body the natural things it needs to thrive.

If you still feel skeptical, it might be because you haven’t yet tried Young Living’s essential oils or didn’t know how to use them. By learning more about how essential oils work to impact your well-being, you’ll begin to see how really easy and beneficial it is replace things you used to turn to in favor of these amazing gifts found in nature.

The best way to learn about the benefits of Young Living essential oils? Try them for yourself!


There are 3 main ways you can use Young Living’s essential oils:

Fragrance is the substance of memories. Who hasn’t caught a whiff of a familiar scent in the air (like maybe lavender!) and the associated memories come flooding back?

If you’ve ever gone on a walk through the forest you’ve already experienced the incredible cleansing and refreshing power of inhaling the scents of essential oils from plants and trees. 

The only way to reach the limbic system is through smell, which is why oils are such a great option for those wanting natural emotional benefits and support for their nervous system. 

Diffusing is an effective way we can inhale oils to receive their incredible benefit. Ultrasonic diffusers combine the advantages of an air purifier, humidifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one by breaking a mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles and dispersing them into the air. 

What other products can offer all that?

Diffuse Young Living’s essential oils to inspire a happy mood as you create positive associations, memories and experiences with scents. 

Because of their molecular structure, essential oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin. Sometimes when you apply an oil to the skin, it almost seems to disappear into the body. When applied topically, it takes 2-3 minutes for an oil to reach the bloodstream, 20 minutes to affect every cell in the body, then metabolizes within 2 ½ hours. Essential oils are incredibly effective. 

Using them topically is easy! Simply apply them to the area where you want to provide support. Some favorite places are wrists, behind the ears, neck, temples, stomach, or feet. Don’t hold back, use them!

For children or those with sensitive skin, start out by diluting essential oils when using them topically. We like diluting with coconut oil or jojoba oil!

Young Living has as a special line of Vitality oils that are labeled and approved as a dietary supplement for internal use and are the only brand we recommend for ingesting.We love adding a drop to enhance water or other beverages, incorporating them into recipes when cooking/baking, and in capsules for wellness support. Be sure to use glass or stainless steel (not plastic!) when drinking essential oils in water. 

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