Hey, friends! I’m Melissa. I am the creator of Pure & Lovely.

I also write the blog The Inspired Room.

I’m so excited that that you are here.

I hope you’ll leave this class today having learned something new, feeling more inspired and empowered, and maybe even filled with hope and excitement.

I wanted to share my story with you today because these little drops of essential oils changed everything for my family.

And I know they can do the same for you.

Does this sound a bit like hype? Well, it isn’t.

Believe me, I’m really not the hype type :).

These little drops really do have what I call “super powers” because they have the ability to change your life in many ways.

They will change how you feel and function every day!
They will become your BEST first line of defense when there’s a need for a wellness/emotional/physical/mental/energy/hormonal boost because you’ll experience how well they work! And when you feel better, everything’s better.

They will change the way you shop.
No more strolling the aisles at the grocery store trying to decide what cleaning products to use and having no idea what’s safe. Goodbye toxins, hello completely pure products that we can safely and confidently bring into our home.

They will change the way you clean.
You no longer have to worry about passing out or wearing a gas mask to clean your bathroom. I mean, that alone is amazing, right? You can trust that what you’re spraying on your counters is actually safe for your family, and know that you are helping–not harming–your bodies.

They will empower you.
Knowing you can better support the health of yourself and family is EMPOWERING.

They will save you money.
No need to impulse buy junk products, or be lured by pretty packaging only to be shocked when you find out what’s on the ingredient list…instead you will begin to invest in and reap the rewards of wellness! Wellness is so much more affordable and more enjoyable than the alternative. I’m sure you’d high five me on that one, right?

What I’m saying here is essential oils are not just hype. By incorporating these powerful drops into our daily routines, I can actually see and feel the difference in my own health and in the wellness of our family. When you feel well, you are happier.

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” – Kevin Mark Trudeau

You probably came here wondering if these little drops might be worth trying. Maybe you have a list of things you’ve dealt with in your life or home and you’re wondering if essential oils might offer some hope, a solution, or an answer to your needs.

I was in that same place, too.

For years I struggled with some wonky issues. And when I say wonky, I mean the kind of stuff you just can’t even put a finger on to be able to explain. No one could really tell me what was up, but I knew something wasn’t quite right. I felt like a train wreck. Even though I was young and thought I was otherwise healthy, I could hardly keep up with my kids or my life.

For starters, my brain was foggy. My fatigue levels were high. I was easily stressed and suffered from anxiety. My immune system was weak. My hormones were all over the place. I couldn’t relax or sleep. I had trouble thinking and focusing on simple tasks. I had aches and pains and other random upsets. Nothing was really identifiable and doctors didn’t have any answers for me (other than to suggest my symptoms were all in my head). But years later, I experienced a heart-breaking miscarriage and then a life-threatening emergency surgery. It wasn’t in my head. The trajectory of these wake up calls wasn’t good.

A naturopathic doctor diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue and thyroid failure, due to toxin and stress overload. He explained that in order to get well, I needed pay attention to what my body was telling me and do better to support it.

No magic pill was going to fix everything overnight, so I had to learn what a life of wellness looked like.

Believing that it was possible to better support my body, mind, hormones and emotions motivated me to begin simple, positive changes. I committed to a life pursuing wellness, rather than one fighting sickness.

So how did I make changes?

I’ve been faithfully ditching the junk in my house, my life, my diet and replacing it with what is cleaner, healthier and better.

I crossed items off of my usual grocery list and switched to a monthly box from Young Living of toxin-free items that have now replaced nearly every toxic item in our home.

Wellness is a lifestyle I’m still learning. But I believe that when we know better, we do better. So now I try to always be a student, both on the subject of wellness and of how I feel in my own skin, my own mind, my own body, my own home. 

About four years ago, I ordered a kit of essential oils. I had heard “the hype” but I honestly thought they seemed a little weird. I certainly never dreamed they’d change my life. I wasn’t expecting much, but I trusted the friends who suggested that I would love them. I didn’t even really understand oils or what I would use them for, but like anything else to do with our health, I became a student.

Soon these little drops started finding their way into our home and daily routines. Some of the oils were immediately effective and made me a believer. (Where had Digize been all my life?) Some took some experimentation to see what my body needed. I began turning to oils for daily needs and to support things I thought were just “normal” for me. I never knew what sleeping through the night actually felt like until I experimented with essential oils.

The truth is, years later, I actually feel better in my “middle years” than I did at 25.

I’m SO incredibly grateful for essential oils.

As I look back on these past few years of really listening to my body and investing in wellness, I can truly say that:

I feel better than ever.

My mind is clearer than ever.

My energy levels are stronger than they’ve ever been.

I’m able to feel happier and calmer, even when life tries to stress me out.

My immune system is stronger than ever.

If I feel the slightest bit of unwell, I know what to do.

I sleep like a baby now.

My skin is no longer rebelling or reacting.

I’m enthusiastic about getting out of bed to start every day.

I have the stamina to create and run my own businesses.

Wellness has enhanced my ability and opportunities to pursue my dreams.

I eat better and do better because I recognize the difference between how I feel when my body is supported and when it is not.

I still have areas I need to improve (working out isn’t my fave, let’s be real), but I feel empowered to keep going.

Essential oils changed our life in so many ways.

Pursuing a life of wellness has brought so much more joy to our home.

So, yes, I do believe 100% that for so many reasons, these little drops bring greater happiness to our life. 

In what ways might these little drops bring more happiness to YOUR life?

If your kit has been collecting dust in a closet for ages, or if you are brand new to essential oils, I am so glad you’re here.

Let us show you how essential oils can actually empower you to live your very best life. Click on the arrow below!

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