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From the products we use to clean, to the way we scent our home, to our personal health and wellness, essential oils have impacted my family in so many life-changing ways. We have experienced such a difference in our quality of life, our sleep and wellness since bringing Young Living Essential Oils into our home and using them in our daily routines.

You can’t just grab any bottle labeled “essential oils” off the shelf and expect the same results as you will get with Young Living. Many bottles labeled “essential oils” are compromised or contain fillers and perfumes so they are not going to support wellness and they may even be harmful. It’s SO important to know where your oils came from.

Young Living has led the way in the essential oil industry for nearly 25 years, bottling up the best oils on the planet! No other brand of essential oils comes even close to the quality you’ll find with Young Living.

That’s not just hype! Young Living grows their own plants on pesticide-free 50 year organic farms and partners with responsible farmers around the world to produce the most pure therapeutic grade essential oils you can buy. Young Living is committed to producing quality products, so they are the brand I trust for my own family. Learn more about essential oils and Young Living’s Seed to Seal quality process here.

I highly recommend the Young Living Premium Starter kit as the best way to get started with essential oils. You don’t have to sell anything to get the wholesale benefits that come with a Premium Starter kit.

Check out the wholesale benefits and details on how to order, below.



Once you click the order link above, you’ll find two choices for how to order, member or retail. Member simply means you are ordering the Premium Starter Kit and will get all the benefits of a wholesale account.

Don’t let the word “membership” or “starter kit” worry you, there are never any fees, no required auto shipments and no selling! Specific instructions are below.

Make sure my number 3731456 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields when you place your order so you’ll be a part of my Pure & Lovely community.

NOTE: If one of my team members referred you here, that’s wonderful! You can click HERE for a list of my team or ask them for their member number and use it in place of my number in both boxes.



There are never any membership fees, no auto shipments, no further obligation and no selling! You’ll love the discounts, benefits and wellness community offered through the wholesale membership. As a wholesale member, you join an amazing community.

You’ll become a wholesale member when you order the amazing wellness kit called the Premium Starter Kit (scroll down to see the 11 starter kit oils and the diffuser options!).

  • Clean your home of toxins and start a life of wellness as a wholesale member.
  • Continue to receive wholesale prices (24% off retail prices) on any products you want all year long, any time. Young Living offers personal care, home cleaning and wellness products for the whole family.
  • You can take advantage of optional FREE Young Living loyalty reward programs called Essential Rewards. Sign up when you order your kit, or later! You’ll receive bonuses plus incredible essential oils and products for FREE (and who doesn’t want FREE oils and products?).
  • You’ll become a part of a thriving, growing and supportive community of members around the world!
  • You’ll receive invitations to visit Young Living’s farms (an incredible experience!) and conventions so you can see the care that goes into these products first hand.
  • You’ll be invited to FREE private educational Facebook groups for wellness support. Our groups offer wonderful teaching videos from medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic and homeopathic physicians, moms, leaders, and more.
  • You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group exclusively for my own members, the Pure & Lovely Tribe. We love to send our members snail mail goodies, host giveaways and classes and do everything we can to ensure you get the answers and support you need on this wellness journey.

Will you join us?

Start your wholesale membership and get all the benefits by ordering your Premium Starter Kit by clicking hereMake sure the number 3731456 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields (or replace it with another team member‘s number!) when you sign up so you’ll be a part of my Pure & Lovely community.

FAQ on wholesale orders:

Q. Why do I have to “sign up” to get these amazing oils? What am I getting into here?

When you sign up for a Young Living account, you’re not actually “signing up” for anything. 🙂 Don’t worry! You are simply creating an account so you can purchase your essential oils (at wholesale prices!), just as you would any other online site.

You aren’t signing up to sell anything and there are no fees, no automatic shipments, and no gimmicks.

You’ll place any future orders directly via the Young Living website, just like you would any other online shop (I won’t be knocking on your door). But unlike other online shopping experiences, you are offered a personal touch. Along with your Young Living wholesale membership, our warm and friendly Pure & Lovely tribe is available to help you learn and get started with essential oils. We’re here to answer your questions. We send happy mail and invite you to our optional free private Facebook groups! Scroll below for how instructions to get started!

Q. Why do you recommend the starter kit, can I just order one oil to try it first?

I recommend the Premium Starter kit because I truly don’t think one oil or one sample is enough to change your home. The starter kit is going to rock your world! Why? Besides the fact that each oil is incredible for supporting health and wellness in different ways, once you have the set of oils in your home, you’ll start to realize their benefits for everything else under the sun.

You can easily use essential oils for so many things you need every day (better sleep, purifying everything, relaxing, relieving occasional discomfort, supporting healthy digestion, promoting a calm environment, immune boosting, wellness support, bug sprays, room sprays, household cleaners, washing and drying clothing, truly clean dishes, removing stickers from products, family ouch creams, candles, perfumes… you name it!).

With a Young Living starter kit in your home, you’ll be able to easily incorporate essential oils into your daily routines, instead of the harmful and toxic junk we’ve all been used to using. You’ll begin to FEEL the difference. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Young Living also offers a line of cleaning and personal products that make it super convenient and affordable to replace the chemical-laden products you have in your home.

Best of all, these plant based oils and products support our health, not harm it like harsh chemicals do.

Q. Which diffuser should I get?

Each starter kit comes with the same set of oils, but each has a different diffuser option. I have all three, you can’t go wrong with any of them (the Dewdrop is a great basic model, the Rainstone is the one I love to use in my bedroom and it has a remote control, the Aria is absolutely gorgeous, plays music, has a remote and I keep it in my living room since it’s so pretty!).

Q. Should I add on the Essential Rewards option?

I love Essential Rewards and highly recommend it. It’s totally fine to sign up later if you prefer, but you can be eligible for FREE oils right away if you add Essential Rewards at the same time as your starter kit. Any free Essential Rewards oils will appear in your cart automatically. If you decide to add additional items to your order with Essential Rewards, here are just a few of my favorite products to try in addition to the Premium starter kit. the Thieves cleaner, Cedarwood for SLEEP, Peace & Calming essential oil, Oregano essential oil (for wellness!), Lavender lotion, grapefruit lip balm.

Remember, there are NO fees or obligations to buy more products or to sell oils as a wholesale member!



If you prefer, you can set up a retail account at Young Living by clicking this link and selecting Retail.

  • A Premium Starter Kit is not required for a retail order. Keep in mind retail customers pay 24% more than a wholesale member and do not receive the other benefits. Retail customers can purchase products any time.

Do you have any other questions? I’m here for you, email me at pureandlovelyliving {at} gmail {dot} com

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions I offer are specific to the benefits I’ve found through Young Living essential oils. My statements about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury or on prescription drugs should consult with their physician.