Hi! I’m Melissa from The Inspired Room.

I created Pure & Lovely as a place to inspire greater well-being and happier healthier homes. I use Young Living essential oils every day and they have completely changed my life for the better!

Sleep issues? Emotions and stress impacting your life? Immune system challenges? We have experienced such a difference in our quality of life, emotional/hormonal well-being, sleep and overall wellness since bringing Young Living Essential Oils into our home and using them in our daily routines. Young Living Essential Oils support your body systems so they can function as they should.

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1. Grab your Premium Starter Kit here.

In the Essential Oils Starter kit you’ll get 11 essential oils, a high quality diffuser, a wholesale membership and more! (Note: You will also have the option of any of the other available Premium Starter kits such as Savvy Minerals or Thieves Kit or NingXia Kit which also give you the wholesale membership and prices on ANY Young Living product). Make sure the number 3731456 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields  so you’ll be a part of my Pure & Lovely community. If someone else in our Tribe sent you to this page, look here for their name and member number.

Note: If you find you already created an account in the past, have a retail account or have an inactive account, you can get a new wholesale membership with us. Just email for help! pureandlovelyliving@gmail.com

2. Select member (not retail). A “member” is just like signing up to order from Amazon. It’s simply a way to get the best prices and benefits! There are no strings attached, never any membership fees, no required auto shipments, no further obligation to order, and no selling!

3.  Choose your diffuser .The oils are the same in each kit, scroll below to see a graphic with the diffuser choices. (If you are in Canada or another country, choices may vary).

All of Young Living’s diffusers are high quality, so you can’t go wrong! The Dewdrop is the most popular and affordable and a great one to start with. The Rainstone and the Aria are also wonderful; these two come with a remote and the Aria even plays music! Fancy! 🙂

4. Set up Your Essential Rewards. Essential Rewards empowers you for a lifestyle of wellness. It’s an optional and totally customizable monthly auto-ship rewards program that gives you points back on your orders, free oils and more.

It’s like a wellness box, and you get to choose/change your wish list products each month (you can even include household necessities, cleaning products, cosmetics and supplements so you can easily ditch all the toxic stuff!).

You can join ER now (or down the road if you’d prefer) and you can cancel anytime. I’ve found that most of our members who want to have a non-toxic home and lifestyle choose to be on Essential Rewards. There is only a 50PV minimum order each month, so it makes the sense for regular orders.

Here are just a few of my favorite products you could add through your first Essential Rewards order: Thieves Household Cleaner (it’s truly the best cleaner out there. It is a concentrate and you only need one capful with water to make an entire bottle of cleaner! So, it will last you forever.

Other products you could put in your Essential Rewards box: Cedarwood essential oil (amazing for sleep), Orange essential oil (great with other oils in your diffuser!), NingXia Red antioxidant drink (you only drink an ounce or two a day but it’s incredible!), Peace & Calming essential oil (need I say more?), Thieves Lozenges (a must), Lavender lotion, Coconut Lime Body Butter (you’ll want to sniff it all day) Orange Blossom facial cleanser (divine and no toxic junk!), or grapefruit lip balm (the best lip balm I’ve ever found).

5. Complete the sign up information. You can elect to sign up with no social security number, but it’s totally secure to add it in. This simply allows you to receive bonuses in case you have friends who sign up with your member number. NO selling or business required.

6. Save your login and PIN information in a safe place for future orders or accessing account info.

You’re all set!!! Best decision EVER! Soon I’ll send you a welcome email! 🙂

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Here are just two of the many benefits you will experience as a MEMBER:

  • Continue to receive wholesale prices (24% off retail prices) on ANY products you want all year long, any time. Young Living offers personal care, home cleaning and wellness products, makeup, a natural baby line, and so much more!
  • You’ll be invited to join a fun private Facebook group exclusively for our members, the Pure & Lovely Tribe. It’s a great place to ask questions! We love to send our members snail mail goodies, host giveaways and classes and do everything we can to ensure you get the answers and support you need on this wellness journey.

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions I offer are specific to the benefits I’ve found through Young Living essential oils. My statements about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury or on prescription drugs should consult with their physician.